Sarah Van Ouwerkerk

Sarah Van Ouwerkerk ‘s photographs explore the role of landscape as a way of seeing the world, either imagined or real. Her background in painting influences the palette and informs the atmosphere of the images.

She receveid her Bachelor’s degree in painting from the University of Wisconsin/Madison and her MFA from Pratt Institute in New York.

The New Museum, Frazier Museum, CNN television are among the venues that have exhibited her works. The photographs have also been published by Rizzoli, Harmony House and the University of California Press.

About the host

Karin Giusti’s guidance at the residency was immeasurable. Her suggestions, assistance, patience and generosity helped make the stay a rich experience. It was the perfect balance to working on projects by having dinner, good wine, and great conversation. I am completely grateful to her for her kindness and encouragement.

About the experience

 Why did you choose to live this experience?

I wanted a period of time to consider new projects, learn new camera techniques, and do some tests . This residency allowed me to experiment in filmmaking, and play with motion, without distraction.

Have you ever been to Italy and Abruzzo? What impressed you? 

I hadn’t been to Abruzzo before, and really loved the landscape, architecture and people. It has these incredible ancient cities, with the best bread I’ve ever eaten.

What do you think of Popoli?

Absolutely loved Popoli. It is a small old  town, with a nature reserve, and the town itself is easily accessible on foot, once you’re there. Trains to Rome and the rest of Italy are a 10 minute walk from the house. The food is great, the people are friendly and the view of the town is gorgeous. One can arrange to go on specific hikes to ruins or just walk around the area on your own. 

How was this experience? Would you recommend it?

The experience was exactly what I needed. It provided the opportunity to consider how I wanted to do current projects, and to move on with new ideas that I couldn’t have resolved at home. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to simplify their situation, or just change their surroundings to give themselves the best chance possible for making work. For me, it was perfect. You can stay at the house and work, or explore the area.

Tips and advices?

Upon arrival in Rome, depending on the time, or before you leave for Italy, look into bus (Prontobus) and train schedules, if you aren’t renting a car. The train (use Trenitalia website) goes right into Popoli, the bus goes outside of town.

Consider spending a few days in Rome before you return home. You can stay near the train station for convenience or elsewhere, but lots of great sites that are walkable.

Contact residency for most current info.

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